Thursday, 27 December 2012


We know our human family loves us to the max.
What can we say, except, we are a some very lucky and blessed cats.
There is some talks about have an extra room just for the cats.
So, trawling around the web and Mummy found this photos from the web :
Pictures DO NOT belong to us, so we are just sharing the photos.

Wow! For us kitties to live here is a dream.  

Mummy particularly likes the bathroom !

Wow! Talk about being on higher ground!  Angel would love this since she jumps to the tallest of everything at home.

We all have a long weekend together.  Last few days before school starts and enjoying more fresh air outside. I am looking forward to walking around the garden soon :)
Happy Holidays!
Happy New Year too!

Furry-ly yours, Princess :P

Mummy's musings

Mummy wasn't happy recently. Long story short, it's like this.

Happened to walk into a well known pet shop.
Interested in a special pedigree.
Was almost sold into buying and overpaying so much for a kitten.
Needed time to think about it and ended up not buying for now.
By a fluke chance, we went to the vet.
Met someone for the first time.
Few words exchanged and mummy realised the Queen who gave birth to the kittens was also at the vet.
What a coincidence.
So, the well known Pet shop/cattery didn't breed their own kittens, but do issue all the certificates.
After mating, the Queen goes home and give birth to the kittens.
Well, nothing wrong with that.
Then comes the shocking part.
The Queen was at the vet, being treated to a serious fungus infection.
Nothing wrong too, cats have fungus and its normal.
The Vet asked some question and surprise, surprise!
The Queen was never vaccinated before.
So, WOW moment there.
We --very--almost-- invested (that's what the owner told us), in a kitten.
Costing almost an arm or a leg.
And the kitten's mother not only had a serious fungus problem but had never been vaccinated.
Mummy asked owner why not sell direct to buyers and via pet shop?
Simple answer. The price get jacked up 4 - 5 times more.
So, it is down to money all the way.
Nothing wrong too.  However, shouldn't vaccine be the basic of all cats.
What more one who will give you 4 litters a year.
A year's worth of litters (by the price Mummy was asked to pay), will buy you a very nice car or even pay off a small apartment.

That's how lucrative this business is.

However, 4 litters mean having the Queen pregnant 8 to 9 months a year. Not much rest in between.

To buy a cat and love it is one thing.
To buy a cat to breed her selectively, controlling the number of litters and giving her a loving environment is another. Mummy is not opposed to this, as we then can share the beautiful kittens.
To buy a cat to breed her to the max and not care of her health is really stretching it far out.

So, choose your breeders wisely.  Check everything very thoroughly.
Well known is not necessary the right breeder or shop for you.
Don't allow yourself to be fall into the trap of 'investing' in this super expensive kittens and making the poor baby into kitten making machine.
If at anyone time, any of us do have a kitten, we would want to have them settled into wonderful families.
We would want to neuter and spay them, so one have a cat for the love of the cat and not make them have litters 4 times a year.
..hmm....maybe we will be spayed or neutered too..yikes :P

Furry-ly yours, Princess :)


Kibbles are always second on our food list.
We get to chow down on wet food twice a day. Human Mummy says we are too spoilt, but that's true.  Please spoil us to the max when it comes to food.
On top of canned wet food, quite often we get the real deal.  Cooked meat and in this case, minced meat with salmon ! Super yummy !  Thanks Mummy, we all love you and in return, we will continue to contribute more cuteness to the household. Here's what we had recently for dinner.

While both Maxi and I are not hyper active like the Shorthairs, we get our playtime often whenever the kids are at home.  We don't have much choice anyway, they like to hold, pat, stroke and fondle us all over. We are that cute! So, cuteness have some drawback obviously :((
Here's Maxi with the big Boy at home. He doesn't like playing with the big Boy.
Big Boy likes to play superman with Maxi at times...but good ol' Maxi is always up for a challenge.
Don't worry, Maxi was not hurt in any of the playtime...he just wriggle around most of the time if he doesn't like it.

Maxi: See people, I can stand!

Maxi: See, now I can fly too!! Give me a cape and I will be Superman (no underwear please, we cats  like to be all natural ...)

So, that's all folks for now. It's been a busy week for us cats. Lots of playtime.  Oh ya...I got a leash!
Mummy says the day on bathtime, I can walk outside with a leash. For weeks I have been planning my escape with no success :( Wait for me birdie, I am coming for you soon.

Furry-ly yours, Princess

Tuesday, 25 December 2012


BLUE is the feeling I have nowadays.
Our feline brood has extended.
We have another new kitten to our existing 3. So, it's 4 now.
Kinda crowded actually. Mummy said that's it and no more. 4 is more than all our human family can handle.
4 X more food to feed, and 4 X more poop to clear.
So, I hope for everyone's sake, 4 is enough.
Baby Blue is the latest kitten. She's 3 months old and a British Shorthair.
A real firecracker who has this enormous amount of energy to play non-stop.
So far, the best 'fur-baller' at home. She's really, really good with the ball.  It's her, Maxi and Angel chasing the ball all over the house. A kitten with a huge appetite too! I don't know why they called her a Blue British Shorthair, because she looks anything but blue to me. More like gray. Or maybe a huge gray mouse :(
She fitted in super easy with everyone and plays with Angel most of the time. Our human kiddies like to compare us 'the oranges' against the 'blacks..or greys' because that's more like the colour of this British Shorthair...which a perpetual grin on her face !
After more than a week and the humans still have a problem naming her, so she's Baby Blue for now...but I am sure the name will change soon.

Here's Angel lounging on the chair. We are all getting used to her. Us Persians like to lie low and sleep under all cabinets, tables and chair. So, Angel came and broke all the rules. She sleeps on the bed, which was a huge no-no for the human family. She jumps on all counter, tables and chair. Even that Maxi guy started to move to higher ground. So after a weeks of unsuccessful training and re-training, the human family gave up and left her to be at her fav spot. The couch. Her being on the couch means 'patting time' and everyone can pat and stroke her. Otherwise, she will not let anyone cuddle or hold her.

Overall, we're good. All 4 of us. Playtime is always between Maxi and I, and the Blue and Angel are a pair.

Over the weekend, we got sent to a pet hotel. All of us are not happy. Confined space is not norm for us as we roam free the entire house. Being in a noisy environment especially with dogs are were also not fun, but human family had a trip out, so we had to go there for a night. However, one night felt like one, please don't send us anywhere anymore.

Mummy wonder if there is such thing as pet sitting.
If someone can come over and feed us would be perfect, then we do not need to leave our home.
Or, if there is such possibilities of exchange pet sitting? Where pet owners can work out some sort of schedule to send the pets to each other house for a day or two. Definitely beats the idea of staying in a pet hotel.

Finally, Maxi got sent to the groomers again in a short period. He got a much shorter cut.  Mummy said it's much easier to manage because, otherwise, he's this huge hairy beast roaming around in the house.

More pictures soon..
Princess :)

Monday, 17 December 2012


Weekday musings from Princess. At first, it was just me. 
Then there is Maxi. Here he is as usual - sleeping - nothing else matters. 
He can sleep anywhere in the house.
Here peeking from a chair. He looked uncomfortable, but still sleeping.

Sleeping on anyone's lap. He doesn't care. He'll probably thinks your lap is a pillow.

Slowly waking up and opening his small little slit eyes.
You lose when in comes to eyes Maxi! You can't beat me :)
He's just all hairy, furry and bushy tail, but so lovable !!

Our feline space is getting crowded. We have another cat, but that's another post later. 
I have lots of stuff going through my head now. Why are they all here? We do have loads of kibbles and food aplenty...but still, is more good? I gotta think about all these stuff, life used to be just about kibbles but now seems not the priority.  My human family kept telling me they love me. That I am special because I was the first cat...but I have a feeling that is still not enough. 

Furry-ly yours, Princess :(

Thursday, 13 December 2012


Hello :) At the request of the human children, mummy had to upload more photos and do a new post. Mummy doesn't understand why the children want to read from a blog when they can see the cats everyday. Well, here goes our day.

Whenever the family are at home, we get to stay outside in the morning and evening (no sun please). So, here are a couple of shots of us.

Okay, I am not all happy caged up for some fresh air and sunshine. Here's me pleading to be let back home.

I tried to use my big dolefull eyes to muumy but no go, she's just happy snapping pictures.

It was refreshing though to be surrounded by lots of trees and flowers. I love to see and hear those birds chirping away....if only I could get hold of them....hmm, I still can dream right?

So, while I was enjoying the outdoors, guess what the big guy was doing? What he is in what he always does best! Sleep :)

Mummy put our outdoor home near the lotus pond so we can see the small fishes swimming. Yeah, I can see them alright...just can't reach them. Maybe one day, my paws will grow long enough :)

Ahhh...the new cat. Angel.
You do know by now we have a new addition to our feline home.
Angel is cosying up well with the family, especially no. 2, Miss EL, but not to both of us.
Angel is an American Shorthair who is this super active, super charged cat jumping from table to counter.  She does seems kind of smart but we two Persians are slowly (very slowly) adjusting to her.  As I wished for the Big guy, Max, she still didn't run away - yet or got sent away.

Finally, we all got sent to the Vet yesterday.
Everyone got de-wormed :((
Everyone got our shots updated :(((
I was not happy with Maxi. He was grinning all the way.
Angel was growling at the Vet herself but at home, she was fine.
Me? As usual, bathing and Vet aren't my favourite...I shy away from everything, food included. That's how much I dislike going to the Vet.

Miaoweee for now.
Furry-ly yours, Princess.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


An Angel came home. Amazing cat!
She's settling well and in a very short time, seems like the Queen control @ home among the 3 kitties.

More to come...

Thursday, 6 December 2012


Let's talk about the ONE MOST IMPORTANT thing in this world to us.

Yes, it's CHOW TIME!

Nothing, and we do mean nothing is more important that this. We get it 3 times a day, 2 times are wet food (all time favourite!!!), and in between for lunchie is dry kibbles (humans not around).  In our household, food is top of our list. Numero Uno. Nothing else matters, not even the stray black Cat that is trying to visit me all the time. More important than me trying to get out too.  

We have a huge list of different can food. You name it, we got it. A mixture of many different brands, from tuna, salmon, chicken (not high on list, but desperado cannot choose much), venison from New Zealand (ooh lala...what a treat), surimi in broth, lamb & liver (new food, what a treat!!) and the list goes on and on! Our human mummy loves to give us a huge variety of canned food to try out.  It was a blast!! In fact, for a short moment, we were worried about competition. Our human brother (the youngest of the brood) is another food lover. He was looking over our canned food one day and it looked so good that he was tempted to try. Luckily for mummy, that was a big no-no.  He could have ate many cans of us, leaving us with kibbles only. 

So, yesterday night, we got a treat. Mummy bought fresh salmon and cooked it for us (well, not exactly fresh and there's no live salmon here), but this is as fresh as we can get and NOT out of a can :)

Yummo :P  See that wonderful pink flesh? We got it mixed up with some rice and surimi broth, and was eating the best meal ever. We know that the moment Mummy cook this salmon, we will get to eat it for at least 2 days as it quite a huge chunk of meat.  Mummy said we eat better than them...maybe we do. Afterall, cuteness do need a lot work for us. All those licking of fur is hard work. Sleeping is hard work too, I mean one has to find a good spot before one can doze off.

So, here's Princess saying goodbye for this weekend.  The humans have a long weekend and we will spend quality time together, more eating for us, maybe some new menus get thrown in.  

I do not really cosy up to people very much unlike Fatty (Max's other name and he has a long list of names, somehow all connected to his errr.. size?).  Sometimes, I am good and stay still for a photo, especially after a really full meal of salmon, can't move much after that.

Furry-ly yours, Princess...

Monday, 3 December 2012


Okay folks. Today, we are going to talk a little bit about our human family.

Firstly, the facts first.

Both my human parents DO NOT like cats. They actually dislike us felines very much.

The story of us started very much with someone in the family who is crazy over cats. She loves cats so much that she sacrificed some of her school pocket money just to buy nugget for our other felines at her school. That is a humongous sacrifice considering how much she loves her food and eating, pretty much like us. 
One day, her father took her to a pet shop. The deal was she gets good grades and just maybe ( a big maybe), she may get a cat. They went there and there was this connection with me, Princess royal hehe! 
Before I could eat my next kibbles, I was swooped unto their arms, into the car and into my new home.  So, I guess I am grateful to be with them.  When they are at work or school, we have the entire house to roam freely, plenty of food (very, very important) and do whatever we want to at home.  

So, here's Maxi and her. That cat lover.  Once the rest saw me, they turned into a cat-lover convert. 
Even my daddy-human who hated cats all his lives was slowly getting into the hang that us felines are good for their home. I know because he feeds us every morning he cleans our litter tray. So, that's a huge progress from dislike to cat-lover converter :)  For the picture, let's call her Em. She's the reason why we have plenty of kibbles and wet food to eat. She's the reason why we are all here.

Ahh....of course, here's Mr Show-off. My enemy turn buddy.  We were hostile for a very short period and  when I finally understood he was not a doggie...we became furry pals. He is this big hairy, fluffy goofball and anyone can maul and tickle him any way you want. He doesn't long as some one pat him. :) My fur is growing darker and longer by the day. I had a brief tiff with ringworm when I was brought back but hey, I am ringworm free for good I hope. Bathing in medicated shampoo made my beautiful long hair drop off - a lot - and I am not happy at all.  For now, it's good. For now, we have nice smelling shampoo...but does not mean we like bathing okay.  Just that it's getting more acceptable by the weeks.  Water is our enemy -period- end of discussion!  

However..........I still have that bugging issue. A trip to the vet. A big no-no. Maybe the humans will forget it. Next to water, needles are another humongous no-no. 

By the way, we DON'T look like gremlins.  That's what our human uncle said. He needs a new set of glasses. 

Meowie (that's bye) for now. 
Furry-ly yours, Princess :)

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Our human family sent us to the groomers.  Don't they know that we furry pals are very clean beings, unlike them human needing to bath daily.

Anyway, the human mummy bath us weekly.

Verdict: WE DON'T LIKE IT.

So, one day, they decided that the big guy - Maxi - needed some sort of grooming. I mean he is this huge hairy beast, but for some odd reason, I got thrown in as well. The instructions to the groomers were clear. Me, Princess Royal just need a normal bath (urghh...), but that Maxi beast need a FULL grooming. Clip his nails, trim all his under belly and inner thighs but keep his upper coat trimmed to a mimimum.

So, off we went nearby to this groomer.  They were quite gentle but I am still not liking any form of bath, but at least mine was a basic bath + groom.  So, here we are all back home.

Nails cut and paws are trimmed properly :)

I was really not in the mood for photography. I always stay in my cocoon whenever there is a bath and vet session. However, Maxi was all eager for photos and posing. Here is the big guy...enjoying all the attention as usual !

Nails & paws well trimmed. Tangles all gone! All prim and proper :)

Here is Max pose saying, "I am adorable and I know it"....always the attention seekeer..

Maxi even found a new place!

Me?  Please leave me alone. I hide away from them all, I hate bath and grooming etc...

Meowing out for now.....Princess

Monday, 26 November 2012


So, the new cage finally was set up for last weekend.

You know, we, as house cats have one ambition. That is to move outside our confined space.
Outside in that big bad world, full of fleas and ticks.
For once, we would like to have that sort of freedom.
From our doors, we often see and hear birds. See other stray felines wondering around, and we wondered if we would be let out one day.
Well, maybe to roam freely....not yet for now.
However, we are absolutely happy to be OUTSIDE finally. The cage is cool. 3 tiers with plenty of space.
We are enjoying fresh air (dont like sunlight and heat too much), but suddenly, the views are much better now. Birds, bees, fishes from pond and water containers, and butterflies fill our days with joy.

Here we are, outside, checking out the cage. So, one for Max and another for me. Yay, no more fighting over tight space!

Here's Maxi and I doing some poses. See, his fat butt is jutting out. Guess he has to to lose some weight. I mean he practically do nothing but sleep. We have the entire house to ourselves, and he has very little interest to roam anywhere with me, just snooze the whole day. No wonder his butt is growing by the day.

Maxi trying to give some cute pose to my human mummy. This is the only time I see him move...and he doesn't move a lot the whole day, just wag his tail all the time. He has to understand that wagging tail does not lose calories.

Till then...have a purr-fect week ahead.

Meow......from Princess :)

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Getting along...

Hi there :)

Continuing our story, with this new cat, Maxi.

I didn't like him for almost 2 weeks. He was a sore eye to me. Some facts first:

He still didn't get sent away.
He still didn't run away.
He is still here.
...and He is not a dog (well, I did thought he was a dog). After being separated from my furry family and being only with humans...I begin to understand and slowly accept that this Maxi guy is a cat...You mean, I am a cat too? Okay, by now, I sort of figured that out - finally - but the most important part is : we have equal part of food! Yay!! for that. In fact, we always have a lot, so there is no food competition for now.

I am spending less time with my human family and more time with this Maxi guy. He is very gentle. I mean he lets me play with his tail all the time. I get to sleep on his butt any time too. However, it stops when I bite his tail, that's when he's annoyed...but still gentle. So, we are kinda----buddies----for now.  Anyway, I DO have him as companion when the humans are not around...which is most of the time.

Here is us chilling out under our favourite place. A corner cabinet near the TV.

I heard that there's a new huge outdoor cage for us we will check it out soon.
I also heard that we have a full grooming session next week that's really not good news for both of us. We HATE water. Dont these humans know that cats are very clean creatures, so why is there a need to bath every week. And full grooming? I have no idea what is that! Plus....there's a trip to the Vet soon....more bad news. Really bad news. I have a feeling...this is not going to be so good for us both. Well, at least, we can cosy up for now. Why cant humans leave us alone. Just give us Royal Canin and we are good.

More coming......

First post - Princess and Maxi

Welcome to our blog!

We are a pair of kittens, hence our names : Princess and Maxi.  Well, let's start with ME first. I am Princess. My humans' first kitten. I was brought home at the age of 2.5 months and I lived with my human family for some time. From day one, I always thought that I was human...or maybe those human were cats. I eat and sleep with them every night but when they are not around, I was lonely.  The first two weeks, I was caged up...didnt like one bit! Then I had to be vaccinated - urgh...a nightmare! I hated it and had to go for one more sessions. 

All was good and happy. I was 'the' Princess of the home. Doted upon all the time.

Then...something drastic happened.  

This guy came home :(((

My human family pondered over so many names. I mean, just call him a beast ..because he is huge and hairy, timid and a real scary cat! He hides most of the time and I don't like him from the first sight! So after a few sessions of names...they named him Maximillian. Come on? What a name...more ughh..
He is now called Maxi or Max.  Why does'nt he just run away from our home and leave me , the Princess alone.