Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Getting along...

Hi there :)

Continuing our story, with this new cat, Maxi.

I didn't like him for almost 2 weeks. He was a sore eye to me. Some facts first:

He still didn't get sent away.
He still didn't run away.
He is still here.
...and He is not a dog (well, I did thought he was a dog). After being separated from my furry family and being only with humans...I begin to understand and slowly accept that this Maxi guy is a cat...You mean, I am a cat too? Okay, by now, I sort of figured that out - finally - but the most important part is : we have equal part of food! Yay!! for that. In fact, we always have a lot, so there is no food competition for now.

I am spending less time with my human family and more time with this Maxi guy. He is very gentle. I mean he lets me play with his tail all the time. I get to sleep on his butt any time too. However, it stops when I bite his tail, that's when he's annoyed...but still gentle. So, we are kinda----buddies----for now.  Anyway, I DO have him as companion when the humans are not around...which is most of the time.

Here is us chilling out under our favourite place. A corner cabinet near the TV.

I heard that there's a new huge outdoor cage for us we will check it out soon.
I also heard that we have a full grooming session next week that's really not good news for both of us. We HATE water. Dont these humans know that cats are very clean creatures, so why is there a need to bath every week. And full grooming? I have no idea what is that! Plus....there's a trip to the Vet soon....more bad news. Really bad news. I have a feeling...this is not going to be so good for us both. Well, at least, we can cosy up for now. Why cant humans leave us alone. Just give us Royal Canin and we are good.

More coming......

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