Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Our human family sent us to the groomers.  Don't they know that we furry pals are very clean beings, unlike them human needing to bath daily.

Anyway, the human mummy bath us weekly.

Verdict: WE DON'T LIKE IT.

So, one day, they decided that the big guy - Maxi - needed some sort of grooming. I mean he is this huge hairy beast, but for some odd reason, I got thrown in as well. The instructions to the groomers were clear. Me, Princess Royal just need a normal bath (urghh...), but that Maxi beast need a FULL grooming. Clip his nails, trim all his under belly and inner thighs but keep his upper coat trimmed to a mimimum.

So, off we went nearby to this groomer.  They were quite gentle but I am still not liking any form of bath, but at least mine was a basic bath + groom.  So, here we are all back home.

Nails cut and paws are trimmed properly :)

I was really not in the mood for photography. I always stay in my cocoon whenever there is a bath and vet session. However, Maxi was all eager for photos and posing. Here is the big guy...enjoying all the attention as usual !

Nails & paws well trimmed. Tangles all gone! All prim and proper :)

Here is Max pose saying, "I am adorable and I know it"....always the attention seekeer..

Maxi even found a new place!

Me?  Please leave me alone. I hide away from them all, I hate bath and grooming etc...

Meowing out for now.....Princess

Monday, 26 November 2012


So, the new cage finally was set up for last weekend.

You know, we, as house cats have one ambition. That is to move outside our confined space.
Outside in that big bad world, full of fleas and ticks.
For once, we would like to have that sort of freedom.
From our doors, we often see and hear birds. See other stray felines wondering around, and we wondered if we would be let out one day.
Well, maybe to roam freely....not yet for now.
However, we are absolutely happy to be OUTSIDE finally. The cage is cool. 3 tiers with plenty of space.
We are enjoying fresh air (dont like sunlight and heat too much), but suddenly, the views are much better now. Birds, bees, fishes from pond and water containers, and butterflies fill our days with joy.

Here we are, outside, checking out the cage. So, one for Max and another for me. Yay, no more fighting over tight space!

Here's Maxi and I doing some poses. See, his fat butt is jutting out. Guess he has to to lose some weight. I mean he practically do nothing but sleep. We have the entire house to ourselves, and he has very little interest to roam anywhere with me, just snooze the whole day. No wonder his butt is growing by the day.

Maxi trying to give some cute pose to my human mummy. This is the only time I see him move...and he doesn't move a lot the whole day, just wag his tail all the time. He has to understand that wagging tail does not lose calories.

Till then...have a purr-fect week ahead.

Meow......from Princess :)

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Getting along...

Hi there :)

Continuing our story, with this new cat, Maxi.

I didn't like him for almost 2 weeks. He was a sore eye to me. Some facts first:

He still didn't get sent away.
He still didn't run away.
He is still here.
...and He is not a dog (well, I did thought he was a dog). After being separated from my furry family and being only with humans...I begin to understand and slowly accept that this Maxi guy is a cat...You mean, I am a cat too? Okay, by now, I sort of figured that out - finally - but the most important part is : we have equal part of food! Yay!! for that. In fact, we always have a lot, so there is no food competition for now.

I am spending less time with my human family and more time with this Maxi guy. He is very gentle. I mean he lets me play with his tail all the time. I get to sleep on his butt any time too. However, it stops when I bite his tail, that's when he's annoyed...but still gentle. So, we are kinda----buddies----for now.  Anyway, I DO have him as companion when the humans are not around...which is most of the time.

Here is us chilling out under our favourite place. A corner cabinet near the TV.

I heard that there's a new huge outdoor cage for us we will check it out soon.
I also heard that we have a full grooming session next week that's really not good news for both of us. We HATE water. Dont these humans know that cats are very clean creatures, so why is there a need to bath every week. And full grooming? I have no idea what is that! Plus....there's a trip to the Vet soon....more bad news. Really bad news. I have a feeling...this is not going to be so good for us both. Well, at least, we can cosy up for now. Why cant humans leave us alone. Just give us Royal Canin and we are good.

More coming......

First post - Princess and Maxi

Welcome to our blog!

We are a pair of kittens, hence our names : Princess and Maxi.  Well, let's start with ME first. I am Princess. My humans' first kitten. I was brought home at the age of 2.5 months and I lived with my human family for some time. From day one, I always thought that I was human...or maybe those human were cats. I eat and sleep with them every night but when they are not around, I was lonely.  The first two weeks, I was caged up...didnt like one bit! Then I had to be vaccinated - urgh...a nightmare! I hated it and had to go for one more sessions. 

All was good and happy. I was 'the' Princess of the home. Doted upon all the time.

Then...something drastic happened.  

This guy came home :(((

My human family pondered over so many names. I mean, just call him a beast ..because he is huge and hairy, timid and a real scary cat! He hides most of the time and I don't like him from the first sight! So after a few sessions of names...they named him Maximillian. Come on? What a name...more ughh..
He is now called Maxi or Max.  Why does'nt he just run away from our home and leave me , the Princess alone.