Thursday, 25 April 2013


Pepi insisted on wearing the crown even though I am the Princess.
She made me wear this ugly mask...urgghhhh....
..but it wont be long...


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

JACK, our Scottish fold

So, the family finally named the new cat, Jack. 
For a few days, he had no name. They had a huge problem figuring what to name him and settled with Jack.
Oh...the list of names that was offered was totally ridiculous, but Jack it is for our Fold.

No more cold reception for Jack.
After 3 days of starring competition, he is now well adapted into our home.
He plays (a lot), sleep and eat with us. 
He is like this super charged rocket with endless energy. However, he has a little sniffle and sneeze.
So, off they both went to the vet. Yep, Pepi and Jack!
Hooray for me, my shots are not due yet.  
Mom said they were really worried in their carrier and protested, but it's no point.
The shots were and medicine were delivered, with or without protest.
Above, you can see Pepi grooming Jack. She does a few times every day.
I think Pepi is the motherly cat among us. She likes to groom all of us. 
We don't mind actually.

So, here is Jack.
Happily settled down into our home.
He has this beautiful cream coat with a white-powdery looking face.

Thursday, 18 April 2013


Our cat family is growing.
We have a new cat now....he's a Scottish Fold with funny ears.

Here he is...
He was in the cage on the first day, but he was let out every time the human family is at home.
A super charged-hyper active cat!! Can't stay still at all.
In no time, he really thinks this is his home.

Not much welcoming party from Pepi and I...
We gave him the cold shoulder most of the time.
For sure, there was a LOT of starring competition for the first 2 days.

More starring competition...
This time it's Pepi and me...opposite him..
He's not afraid though...he seems happy exploring the entire house.

Well, that's the highlight of the past few days.  We are slowly warming up to him. He isn't bothered with us actually, he seems such a happy cat jumping and running everywhere. Pepi seems to warm up to him, I stay away for now. As long as there is no shortage of food, I can live with him.

Thursday, 11 April 2013


It's not my birthday yet.
But, I want to wish a special girl.
She is celebrating her 15th Birthday this weekend.
May she be happy and feed me more always.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


With 2 cats down and everyone slowly accepting, and life returning to normal, Pepi and I have become good friends.
We goof around, share food and play a lot.
Here's what happened yesterday..

Pepi is just jealous I got the crown.  Okay, that moustache is really silly but we needed it to humour our human family :), Princess

More cats dilemma?

It's more than a week gone now and the chances of finding Angel seems to be fading away.
There is not one day we do not miss her.
Not one day we do not find her.
We wondered what happened to her.
She has been so close to us, so the chances of her just running away and leaving us seems impossible.
It's not easy for anyone to catch her too.
Maybe she had an accident :((
If she was captured by someone, we hope the new family will love her as we do.


We are down to 2 cats.
Our cats dilemma continued.
Baby...or now more frequently called, Pepi is growing up fast. Healthy and good.
She was supposed to be a British Shorthair. That's what the breeder said.
We do have our doubts - huge ones. While she looks like one, her fur is nowhere like one.
While the humans pondered over her breed, Pepi really could not care less.
As long as the food keeps coming, she seems very happy.

We have a new toy...more about that later.

Friday, 5 April 2013


It has been really sad times at our home for the past 2 weeks.

My best buddy, Maxi, died.
He was okay one day and then, the next day, he was gone.
He didn't even make it to the vet.

Here are some infor on our Maxi.
He was the only male cat at home.
Here is Maxi at his favourite spot at home, always under some cabinet..

Maxi is always at this same spot in Mummy's room at night.
No cat or human can occupy this space.
He will wrestle with any cats who tried to steal this spot.

Maxi is the softest, kindest and loving cat ever.
Any person who sees him said the same word : adorable!
He was also the biggest cat with the fluffiest fur!
Healthy appetite and loves to sleep.

Maxi is also knows as Mr Squishy nose..the most flat faced Persians we have known so far.
Big size apart, he is really a huge teddy bear.
He loves food and is the kindest cat in our home.
Maxi hates eye cleaning which all Persians have to do!
He will close his eyes tightly and know it's eyes cleaning time.

Here's Maxi and his bushy tail.
We cats like to bully him and bite his tail sometimes.
He rarely fights back but always ran away to hide under bookshelves or more cabinets.

Here is Maxi and me.
We have both came a long.
As Persians, we are the closest and always are together.
The family missed him a lot.
The family loves him and I love you too, Maxi.
We know you will have plenty of kibbles in Kitty heaven.
You will forever be in our hearts.
Maxi has been buried within our home compound, so though he is no longer around, he is always still close to us.
Goodbye, Maxi my wrestling partner. 

AND, if losing Maxi was bad.
Our bad luck didn't end there in just losing a kitty.

Our American Shorthair, Angel, went missing for the 2nd time.
She was lost once, but came back home after 2 days.
After that time, she is always around house.
She still goes out everyday to catch cockraches and geckos for the other cats..., but she always comes home without fail.
However, this time, she is missing for more than 5 days. Longest ever.
We are all confident she did not run away because she has her daily routine.
Morning walk, home, evening walk, but always at night without fail.
Always sleeping next to Mummy. Doing her kitty massage on her lap at times. Or getting her head rub every night.
Angel was most attached to Mummy because they have this special bond at night.
Come home soon Angel. We are down to 2 kitties for now 'sob'sob'.
We can never be angry with Angel. One look at her green eyes and everyone's heart will be melted...
Sad times continue....

Both humans and cats loved both of them so much.
We doubt if any other cats can ever replace them, they hold such special place in our hearts.

RIP Maxi.
Come home soon Angel.

For now, we are down to 2 kitties only :(