Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Bath time.
We dont like it but we had to have it.
The first few times was a nightmare. 
I scratched mummy till the gloves were in shreds :(
My buddy below, Maxi...well, he pooped in the water for the first time.
Over the months. It improved...a lot..much to the relief of our human family.
Here's Maxi enjoying his bath. He doesn't even move or struggle much, just sitting pretty in the tub.

Maxi after bath time. Okay, maybe he was a bit grumpy but no struggle :)

 Baby being the newest member had a tougher time in the tub.
Not happy too but she'll get used to it.

Here's me watching telly with Miss Em. We are great buddies as we are all here because she loves us cats the most. The rest of the family are cat-lover-converts now. Mummy said I am putting on weight well and looking very much like my buddy, Maxi.  Maybe but I am prettier :)

Everyone had a bath, except Angel.
She came back from the Vet after spending 3 days there.
She has been spayed and recovering really well.
Her wound is clean and dry but she protested for wearing the COLLAR.
However, she is a really, really good girl for coping so well.

Here she is lazing under the rays of sunshine.
Life at home is back to normal now.
Angel is no longer 'on heat' and driving us cats and human bonkers with her non-stop wailing.
She no longer dash out of the door at the first opportunity.
She no longer jump on every counter looking for an opened window.
She no longer pees everywhere at home.
She no longer raise her butt in an unlady like manner.
She no longer runs away from home. She did that 2 times before.
So, finally, we are all happy.

No sun-lounging for me.
Us Persians like to sleep a lot and anywhere cool is fine.
Here's a favourite spot at Mum's room downstairs.
Maxi and I love it because on hot afternoons, the air condition is on :)

Bye for now :)

Thursday, 24 January 2013


Yesterday was a public holiday.
We love holidays at it means the human family are at home.
Also mean we get to be outdoors more. Fresh air and lots of birds watching.
It was a perfect day. It rained and the air was cooling.

Maxi was not happy with the previous post.
He protested.
'why didn't Mummy clean my eyes before posting the photo?'
So, here he is...after cleaned eyes and fur combed.


Maxi:, Mr Squishy nose, close up :)

10 minutes later and he is was raining, lovely cool weather!

Princess: Where are the birds?

Oh! there they are..come nearer..birdie :)

Raining days are perfect for sleeping outdoors. We are missing one cat, Angel. She has gone for an ops at the vet. 

Bye for now :)

Monday, 21 January 2013


Maxi has something to say.

A message to the kiddies at home.


I am NOT an American curl breed.



(no...I have not been hurt by this...they get unfolded in 5 seconds anyway...)

Now, where is my salmon in exchange for letting you take this photo?

Bye...Maxi... ^o^

Go to Cats on Tuesday to see the rest of the cats :)

Thursday, 17 January 2013


It was not the first time she went out.
She went out many times, but it was the first time she was missing for the longest time.
We were very sure she wanted to come home but could not find the way.
After a full night of search, everyone was sad and had to give up finding her.

This morning, we were woken by the non-stop meow-ing outside the door.
Angel is back!
We are super glad. She's super glad too and ate, and drank like there was not tomorrow.

Welcome home Angel :)

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Maxi is the only male in our feline family, and the biggest in size.
However, he is a real sweet heart and the most gentle of all.
As Persians, we always stick together...and I do mean...together.

We are both orange-y in colour. So, many times our human family are confused on who is who. Except that I am smaller with white socks, they sometimes call us the wrong name.
Here I am with sleepyhead, Maxi. Can you spot us?

Those white socks are mine! Otherwise, you cannot really see the difference between us when we are hugging together...or when we are wrestling.  And, we wrestle a lot!

Nope, apart from the face...we both look like one big tangled orange-y kitties.

Talking about kitties. Angel has been sneaking out of the house through the windows.
Our human family is not very happy with her roaming and she has done that almost every alternate day.
They tried remembering to close the window, but there are so many at home.
Unfortunately, for now, she has ran away and nowhere to be found :((
She is the only kitty that is totally on her own. She doesn't join us in any play time and doesn't like to be held by anyone. Let's hope she will find her way home as Mummy is losing hope of her coming back :((

Here's me and Angel having a face-off. We aren't buddies yet..
She only likes to play with Baby, our Brit shorthair. Maybe it's something to do with longhair works better with the long, and shorthair pairs better with the same kind. 
Don't mind my scruffy fur...just woke up from my beauty sleep. 

We will update soon on poor Angel. She's not my 'wrestling partner' for now..but I do hope she is safe and back home.  

Love, Princess  ^oo^

Monday, 14 January 2013

CHOW TIME - Gourmet kitty food

Ever since Mummy got hold of Andi Brown's The Whole Pet Diet website and experimented with home cooked holistic food, we've been eating very well.
Our canned wet food have been reducing.
We are no longer just salmon or tuna canned food kitties.
We are now exposed to a huge variety of food.
We had home made pureed vegetable salmon which was great.
We had Andi's Chicken Stew which was so good.
Then over the weekend, we had even more new food introduced.

Mummy made sure we do not eat canned food with 'by products', meaning every part of an animal is being thrown in, all grinded and mashed up to taste good but not of quality.
Believing that good food is important for us kitties, we are not blessed with more 'gourmet choices kitty food'.
Food made from human grade and good enough for the family to eat, therefore, definitely good enough for us.

Here is what we had:
Using Andi's same recipe of vegetables, instead of chicken, we had beef stew !!
It was so good, we had to share it with the human family. Now, that's the main problem with human grade food....

Here's Maxi having a go. 

The pink bows says it all :)  Super yummy and gone in a flash.

And...we do mean, gone in a flash!!  More food please! Children: stop eating our beef stew too!

Our foodie journey continues.  Today, with chicken and beef stew in the freezer, we tried something new. Plain boiled chicken and clear soup. Yep! Gone in minutes. 

There you have it. Our wet food intake more of home cooked food.
We still do have the canned ones for 'emergency' situation. In fact, we seem to be eating much less dry food but in desperate times, we still do chow down on the kibbles.

Here's Maxi playing in the children's book shelf.  We certainly look forward to everyone to be home.
The children get us to accompany them everywhere they go at home.
Looking comfy eh...Maxi. He is at his shortest fur ever after the 2nd grooming.
Mummy said, trim everything except his bushy tail.

Me? I am feeling really full and sleepy after all this food testing.

Furry-ly yours, Princess :)

BABY BLUE - Our British Shorthair

Hello folks !

Today, we talk about our youngest kitten.
Our British Shorthair, Baby Blue...somehow, all of us have not really settled with a proper name yet, so the name will change soon.

She came home as this little pot bellied kitten at 3 months old.
Typical of British shorthair, she was not shy and utterly playful.
Many times the family wondered if she really was a pure Brit.

Here she is playing outside. Outdoor has been a HUGE favourite of all cats now. We look forward to outdoor every morning and evening. We don't even mind the big cage.  Here is Baby, amber eyes and all.

She's a mean eating and playing machine, but loves the calmness outside in the company of birds.

Her cheeks are filling up very well, another characteristics of British Shorthairs.  However, Mummy said her fur is still not as dense...maybe later.

When she's not playing, she has this serious stare in her. However, throw her a ball, and she'll have all of us entertained for hours.

We Persians are okay with Baby. She even sleeps with us at times and here are all three of us during meal times. First to arrive and last to leave as usual. Baby certainly gives Maxi a run for his food, they both eat really a lot!!

Till then...

Thursday, 10 January 2013


 You know what?
We all eat pretty well at home.
Mummy loves to experiment with food, so we always get to try on new food.
While kibbles are pretty fixed in brands, and canned wet food are our fav.
However, Mummy said canned food can't be that good.
She's wrong. Canned food is VERY GOOD to us.

Anyway, we were introduced to some new food.
In the PINK.
Well, cats originally ate raw in the wild.
First up, fresh grounded chicken. Well, didn't quite went that well.
Than this! Raw grounded Australian lean beef.
Yummy!! It was gone in a flash.
Best food ever. It's the closest how cats eat anyway.

Then, we had some home made vegetable broth and Salmon.
All these got pureed and hey, these are human eat-able food.
Yep! We chow-ed it down in no time.
Best food ever too!!

We aren't guinea pigs for experiment but we don't mind at all when it comes to food!!
Mummy was reading all about Andi Brown's The Whole Pet Diet, about how human-grade food is good for us cats and how it cured many skin issues, so into the pot the poor chicken plus loads of vegetables went simmering for hours.

The only problem with 'human-grade' food is..........we got to share it with our two human sisters.
They insisted of having the half of the pot to themselves.
Sneaky, sneaky Mummy. Look at how she got us to eat veges.
Everything was blended and chicken shredded.

Here's what we had for breakfast lately! It was gone in a minute!!
More chicky vege soup please!!
We cats may sometimes bicker and wrestle, but we are all buddies when it comes to food!!

Finally, after a full meal, here's Maxi playing....the picture says it all.
Maxi says:  I like to play this rolling ball, but I like it better lying on my belly!!

Here's Baby saying goodbye for now. She's our British Shorthair, our last kitten (hopefully...).
She came as a scrawny little kitten.
We even pondered whether she is a British Shorthair at times.
She's a real eating machine.
Putting on weight nicely at a very short time.
Super friendly and likes to tag along the family.
Her cheeks are filling up well.

So, we wondered if she will grow up like this beautiful cat.
This is NOT our cat. It was taken at a recent cat show.
Maybe this is a Brit, as Brit has their famous chubby cheeks...

More pics on the Cat show soon.

Finally, it's Ciao time. Here's me enjoying my home-made salmon puree! Pure food-heaven!


Hello and let's talk about Angel, our American Shorthair.

She was the 3rd feline addition to our household.
Pretty much a loner.
Likes to hang around the family.
Does not favour being hold most of the time.
Eats the least wet food.
Super charged and hyper active cat.
The leanest and can jumps really high.

Here she is lounging around.

We all got a new watering hole. Great! as cats love to drink from flowing water.

She LOVES outdoor. The first to jump into our outdoor cage and claws into the cage to stay in. Here she is on our top deck, always getting the best views.

The first to be on 'heat', drove everyone nuts. Soon to be spayed....Snip, snip! Sorry Angel!

In her all time favourite basket.  The most curious cat in the house, always poking her nose around every corner.

Under the dining table,  gotta love those green eyes :)

More to come :)

Thursday, 3 January 2013


Whenever our human Mummy's friends found there are 4 cats at home. These few questions will be was posed without fail!! (Answer in blue.)
How do you deal with cat's Poo??  (They are cleaned few times daily.)
Aren't they (cats) stinky little fellas?? (For the record NO, we are probably cleaner and nice smelling than some of you humans haha!).
I am sure your house must be stinky all the time!! (Absolutely NOT. No poop left too long + a very good litter box =  no smell. And our home certainly do not smell like a pet shop. In fact since the cats are here, it's been vacummed and mop more than ever before.)
Urgh...Where is the cat litter stored?? (At the back of the house with a window for ventilation.)

We do have a proper cat poo-poo place. 
It's cleaned all the time.
It's very clean.
It's not stinky.
It's very decent.

However, in the attempt to re-modify some space to accommodate a classier cat litter and glamourize the home a bit, we've been checking some very awesome photos online. (None found available here as usual!)
Certainly some very interesting take on our cat litter. 

Here's a few of what we found and like very much.

I certainly see a change coming soon. Okay, not exactly the same ...but hopefully something similar.

I wonder if there are kibbles inside those cabinets as well ??

Me furry paws like the following :)

Very modern retro!

Classic.  We love white @ home.

Nice and stylish.

Very functional and love that top!

A modern looking cat litter box! 

Can't get any classier than this.

Happy weekend !!

Furry-ly yours, Princess.

Photos are from here :