Monday, 14 January 2013

CHOW TIME - Gourmet kitty food

Ever since Mummy got hold of Andi Brown's The Whole Pet Diet website and experimented with home cooked holistic food, we've been eating very well.
Our canned wet food have been reducing.
We are no longer just salmon or tuna canned food kitties.
We are now exposed to a huge variety of food.
We had home made pureed vegetable salmon which was great.
We had Andi's Chicken Stew which was so good.
Then over the weekend, we had even more new food introduced.

Mummy made sure we do not eat canned food with 'by products', meaning every part of an animal is being thrown in, all grinded and mashed up to taste good but not of quality.
Believing that good food is important for us kitties, we are not blessed with more 'gourmet choices kitty food'.
Food made from human grade and good enough for the family to eat, therefore, definitely good enough for us.

Here is what we had:
Using Andi's same recipe of vegetables, instead of chicken, we had beef stew !!
It was so good, we had to share it with the human family. Now, that's the main problem with human grade food....

Here's Maxi having a go. 

The pink bows says it all :)  Super yummy and gone in a flash.

And...we do mean, gone in a flash!!  More food please! Children: stop eating our beef stew too!

Our foodie journey continues.  Today, with chicken and beef stew in the freezer, we tried something new. Plain boiled chicken and clear soup. Yep! Gone in minutes. 

There you have it. Our wet food intake more of home cooked food.
We still do have the canned ones for 'emergency' situation. In fact, we seem to be eating much less dry food but in desperate times, we still do chow down on the kibbles.

Here's Maxi playing in the children's book shelf.  We certainly look forward to everyone to be home.
The children get us to accompany them everywhere they go at home.
Looking comfy eh...Maxi. He is at his shortest fur ever after the 2nd grooming.
Mummy said, trim everything except his bushy tail.

Me? I am feeling really full and sleepy after all this food testing.

Furry-ly yours, Princess :)

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