Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Maxi is the only male in our feline family, and the biggest in size.
However, he is a real sweet heart and the most gentle of all.
As Persians, we always stick together...and I do mean...together.

We are both orange-y in colour. So, many times our human family are confused on who is who. Except that I am smaller with white socks, they sometimes call us the wrong name.
Here I am with sleepyhead, Maxi. Can you spot us?

Those white socks are mine! Otherwise, you cannot really see the difference between us when we are hugging together...or when we are wrestling.  And, we wrestle a lot!

Nope, apart from the face...we both look like one big tangled orange-y kitties.

Talking about kitties. Angel has been sneaking out of the house through the windows.
Our human family is not very happy with her roaming and she has done that almost every alternate day.
They tried remembering to close the window, but there are so many at home.
Unfortunately, for now, she has ran away and nowhere to be found :((
She is the only kitty that is totally on her own. She doesn't join us in any play time and doesn't like to be held by anyone. Let's hope she will find her way home as Mummy is losing hope of her coming back :((

Here's me and Angel having a face-off. We aren't buddies yet..
She only likes to play with Baby, our Brit shorthair. Maybe it's something to do with longhair works better with the long, and shorthair pairs better with the same kind. 
Don't mind my scruffy fur...just woke up from my beauty sleep. 

We will update soon on poor Angel. She's not my 'wrestling partner' for now..but I do hope she is safe and back home.  

Love, Princess  ^oo^

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