Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Bath time.
We dont like it but we had to have it.
The first few times was a nightmare. 
I scratched mummy till the gloves were in shreds :(
My buddy below, Maxi...well, he pooped in the water for the first time.
Over the months. It improved...a lot..much to the relief of our human family.
Here's Maxi enjoying his bath. He doesn't even move or struggle much, just sitting pretty in the tub.

Maxi after bath time. Okay, maybe he was a bit grumpy but no struggle :)

 Baby being the newest member had a tougher time in the tub.
Not happy too but she'll get used to it.

Here's me watching telly with Miss Em. We are great buddies as we are all here because she loves us cats the most. The rest of the family are cat-lover-converts now. Mummy said I am putting on weight well and looking very much like my buddy, Maxi.  Maybe but I am prettier :)

Everyone had a bath, except Angel.
She came back from the Vet after spending 3 days there.
She has been spayed and recovering really well.
Her wound is clean and dry but she protested for wearing the COLLAR.
However, she is a really, really good girl for coping so well.

Here she is lazing under the rays of sunshine.
Life at home is back to normal now.
Angel is no longer 'on heat' and driving us cats and human bonkers with her non-stop wailing.
She no longer dash out of the door at the first opportunity.
She no longer jump on every counter looking for an opened window.
She no longer pees everywhere at home.
She no longer raise her butt in an unlady like manner.
She no longer runs away from home. She did that 2 times before.
So, finally, we are all happy.

No sun-lounging for me.
Us Persians like to sleep a lot and anywhere cool is fine.
Here's a favourite spot at Mum's room downstairs.
Maxi and I love it because on hot afternoons, the air condition is on :)

Bye for now :)


  1. Angel does NOT look thrilled right now, MOL! I think it is more the eCollar than anything else - I am sure that once that comes off, she will be very happy with how much better off she is without the hormones!

  2. Very good that Angel is spayed now (for her and the whole family) my cats and all our neighbor's cats are spayed too. It is not the use to bath cats in Belgium or even in other European countries. I have to go to the groomer with Kim to get rid of the knots in her long haired fur, but no bath. The vets say that it is not good for a cat as water and shampoo takes off the skin protection.

  3. The last time I gave Pout a bath I was about to take him out of the sink but he reached up and grabbed my ear with one paw and pulled himself up! He had to be about 10 pounds plus he was soaking wet, I don't even wear earrings, having that much weight hanging off my ear was the most painful cat-related experience I ever had (Including when I nearly lost my arm to an infected cat bite when I was small) and have not had the courage to give Pout a bath ever since.

    Angel will be a much happier cat for being fixed :) All of our cats are spayed/neutered and I'm glad they are.