Thursday, 10 January 2013


Hello and let's talk about Angel, our American Shorthair.

She was the 3rd feline addition to our household.
Pretty much a loner.
Likes to hang around the family.
Does not favour being hold most of the time.
Eats the least wet food.
Super charged and hyper active cat.
The leanest and can jumps really high.

Here she is lounging around.

We all got a new watering hole. Great! as cats love to drink from flowing water.

She LOVES outdoor. The first to jump into our outdoor cage and claws into the cage to stay in. Here she is on our top deck, always getting the best views.

The first to be on 'heat', drove everyone nuts. Soon to be spayed....Snip, snip! Sorry Angel!

In her all time favourite basket.  The most curious cat in the house, always poking her nose around every corner.

Under the dining table,  gotta love those green eyes :)

More to come :)

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