Monday, 14 January 2013

BABY BLUE - Our British Shorthair

Hello folks !

Today, we talk about our youngest kitten.
Our British Shorthair, Baby Blue...somehow, all of us have not really settled with a proper name yet, so the name will change soon.

She came home as this little pot bellied kitten at 3 months old.
Typical of British shorthair, she was not shy and utterly playful.
Many times the family wondered if she really was a pure Brit.

Here she is playing outside. Outdoor has been a HUGE favourite of all cats now. We look forward to outdoor every morning and evening. We don't even mind the big cage.  Here is Baby, amber eyes and all.

She's a mean eating and playing machine, but loves the calmness outside in the company of birds.

Her cheeks are filling up very well, another characteristics of British Shorthairs.  However, Mummy said her fur is still not as dense...maybe later.

When she's not playing, she has this serious stare in her. However, throw her a ball, and she'll have all of us entertained for hours.

We Persians are okay with Baby. She even sleeps with us at times and here are all three of us during meal times. First to arrive and last to leave as usual. Baby certainly gives Maxi a run for his food, they both eat really a lot!!

Till then...

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