Thursday, 3 January 2013


Whenever our human Mummy's friends found there are 4 cats at home. These few questions will be was posed without fail!! (Answer in blue.)
How do you deal with cat's Poo??  (They are cleaned few times daily.)
Aren't they (cats) stinky little fellas?? (For the record NO, we are probably cleaner and nice smelling than some of you humans haha!).
I am sure your house must be stinky all the time!! (Absolutely NOT. No poop left too long + a very good litter box =  no smell. And our home certainly do not smell like a pet shop. In fact since the cats are here, it's been vacummed and mop more than ever before.)
Urgh...Where is the cat litter stored?? (At the back of the house with a window for ventilation.)

We do have a proper cat poo-poo place. 
It's cleaned all the time.
It's very clean.
It's not stinky.
It's very decent.

However, in the attempt to re-modify some space to accommodate a classier cat litter and glamourize the home a bit, we've been checking some very awesome photos online. (None found available here as usual!)
Certainly some very interesting take on our cat litter. 

Here's a few of what we found and like very much.

I certainly see a change coming soon. Okay, not exactly the same ...but hopefully something similar.

I wonder if there are kibbles inside those cabinets as well ??

Me furry paws like the following :)

Very modern retro!

Classic.  We love white @ home.

Nice and stylish.

Very functional and love that top!

A modern looking cat litter box! 

Can't get any classier than this.

Happy weekend !!

Furry-ly yours, Princess.

Photos are from here :

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