Monday, 25 February 2013


I would like to tell you about myself.
I was the first cat.
I was the cat-lover-converter. Means, the whole family was not into cat, until I converted them.
I have that special powers to make people love me, and my fellow felines at home.
I am still the head of the house.

I remembered when I first came home.
They all went to choose me and I was in this little cage inside the house.
Mummy was the last person to know there was a cat.
Yep, she had quite a shock to see me inside the house.
Her first words were..."what an ugly cat!!"
What me? An ugly cat?

So, this was me when I was just a few days at home. I thought I was cute.
Mummy didn't.
Thank goodness everyone else loved me even then.

I used to sleep with Mummy. That was my secret weapon. Not long after, she loves me.
Here's her favourite shot of me sleeping when I was a little kitten.

Then months went by and I grew.
A lot more! So, to prove how much I have grown in the past 7 months since staying with my human family, I post a before (kitten time - age 2.5 months) and now picture (almost 10 months).
Now, mummy never calls me ugly anymore.
They do have many other funny names they call me, but I don't care as long as the food keeps coming :)
After a bout of fungus and losing a lot of my kitten fur, it grew more, softer, thicker and denser.
Okay, okay...I wasn't so cute as a little kitten.
I am way better now :)
Don't you think so?

Bye for now....
Love, Princess

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Mummy's been complaining.
One cat has been playing with her stuff on the table.
She leaves them neat and comes come to things being shuffled.
She said ..."must be you, Princess!"
..but I protested! It was certainly not me!!

Then, we found the culprit!!
Sleeping on the table most days when no one is at home...

I knew it was you Maxi!

Maxi says " yeah! yeah! So what? Now leave me alone!"

We have a long weekend for Chinese New Year.
Now that means the human family is at home.
Also means more food for us.
We heard there's a BBQ going on, so bet that's going to be good too :)


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My spot!

There is this one particular special spot at Mummy's room downstairs.
It's has air condition, and it's Maxi's favourite spot!

Here was what happened:

Maxi : Hey! Princess move away, that is my spot!!
Princess: No way!

Maxi: Now you leave me no choice but to wrestle with you !!
Princess: I will take my chances!!

....5 minutes later..

...15minutes later...still wrestling...longest session ever...

And...finally, Maxi won :(
Yeah...he looked pretty happy and smug!

I am boycotting you now Maxi.
I find another buddy in Baby now, she doesn't wrestle with me over spots.