Monday, 25 February 2013


I would like to tell you about myself.
I was the first cat.
I was the cat-lover-converter. Means, the whole family was not into cat, until I converted them.
I have that special powers to make people love me, and my fellow felines at home.
I am still the head of the house.

I remembered when I first came home.
They all went to choose me and I was in this little cage inside the house.
Mummy was the last person to know there was a cat.
Yep, she had quite a shock to see me inside the house.
Her first words were..."what an ugly cat!!"
What me? An ugly cat?

So, this was me when I was just a few days at home. I thought I was cute.
Mummy didn't.
Thank goodness everyone else loved me even then.

I used to sleep with Mummy. That was my secret weapon. Not long after, she loves me.
Here's her favourite shot of me sleeping when I was a little kitten.

Then months went by and I grew.
A lot more! So, to prove how much I have grown in the past 7 months since staying with my human family, I post a before (kitten time - age 2.5 months) and now picture (almost 10 months).
Now, mummy never calls me ugly anymore.
They do have many other funny names they call me, but I don't care as long as the food keeps coming :)
After a bout of fungus and losing a lot of my kitten fur, it grew more, softer, thicker and denser.
Okay, okay...I wasn't so cute as a little kitten.
I am way better now :)
Don't you think so?

Bye for now....
Love, Princess

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  1. Princess, you were a VERY cute kitten, and you are growing up to be a GORGEOUS young ladycat!