Tuesday, 1 January 2013

BYB - Back Yard Breeders

I was from a back yard breeder. 
Back then, my human family did not know what is a back yard breeder.
All they wanted was a cat and my home was the only place they knew.
They didn't know anything about CFA, TICA or even heard of a proper cattery.
They just assumed that's how pets were bought.

My real feline parents were caged up 24/7.
They have free flow of water and food and that's about it.
They stay in their cage every day, and probably for the rest of their lives.
No fresh air. No walking or roaming around.
Just waiting for the season to mate.
Waiting for the kitten like me to be weaned and be sold off.
Waiting for the big bucks.
Yet, the place where I was from was very clean.
Cats were not abused, just no freedom.
I feel so sorry for my parents and all those cats.

My human family certainly have seen much worse BYB.
Cats next to dogs. 
Cats with no litter tray even though we are easily litter trained.
Dogs barking non stop. 
We have no voice or choice next to any dogs.
Animals not washed or vaccinated forever.
All form of animals caged up in pitiful sights and small confined space.
Pet shops buying from more BYB kitten mills.
Maybe they live a better condition. Cleaner and with aircondition.

That being said, my actual feline mum was only bred twice a year.
What about an international affliated superstar cattery which breeds their Queen 4 times a year?
Are they any better than my back yard breeder where I came from.
At this superstar cattery, cats were also all cooped up in a cage. Filthy. 
No cleaner than my BYB cattery.
Queens were 'sub-contracted' out to families for the purpose of breeding.
Mummy was told don't just buy the cat, make lots of money from the cats. 
That should make sense in paying an arm this poor cat. 
And of course, there are those reputable cattery, so check your facts thoroughly when you choose one.

However, thank our Heavenly paws for that, this did not happen to me.
Angel will be spayed soon. 
I will be spayed soon.
No breeding for us.
No contribution to strays. 
Just unconditional love and exaggerated cuteness to offer to our family, and vice versa.
Mummy said if ever the thought of breeding did occur, it's because we actually want the kittens or pass them to loving families.

4 cats and more experience, our human family now know more about kitten mills.
About BYB.
About good and unscrupulous registered catteries.
About people who actually loved us cats before passing them to the next owner.
All of us are just glad we were taken home to live in our current house. 
Free roaming.
Lots of fresh, canned and dry food all day long.
We recently ate raw meat.
Close to how nature intended for cats.
Most importantly, loved by all.

I do wish all cats have the chance like me.

Love, Princess.

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  1. You are so lucky, Princess, to have escaped that awful place where you were born! These backyard breeders are awful.