Thursday, 27 December 2012


We know our human family loves us to the max.
What can we say, except, we are a some very lucky and blessed cats.
There is some talks about have an extra room just for the cats.
So, trawling around the web and Mummy found this photos from the web :
Pictures DO NOT belong to us, so we are just sharing the photos.

Wow! For us kitties to live here is a dream.  

Mummy particularly likes the bathroom !

Wow! Talk about being on higher ground!  Angel would love this since she jumps to the tallest of everything at home.

We all have a long weekend together.  Last few days before school starts and enjoying more fresh air outside. I am looking forward to walking around the garden soon :)
Happy Holidays!
Happy New Year too!

Furry-ly yours, Princess :P

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