Thursday, 27 December 2012


Kibbles are always second on our food list.
We get to chow down on wet food twice a day. Human Mummy says we are too spoilt, but that's true.  Please spoil us to the max when it comes to food.
On top of canned wet food, quite often we get the real deal.  Cooked meat and in this case, minced meat with salmon ! Super yummy !  Thanks Mummy, we all love you and in return, we will continue to contribute more cuteness to the household. Here's what we had recently for dinner.

While both Maxi and I are not hyper active like the Shorthairs, we get our playtime often whenever the kids are at home.  We don't have much choice anyway, they like to hold, pat, stroke and fondle us all over. We are that cute! So, cuteness have some drawback obviously :((
Here's Maxi with the big Boy at home. He doesn't like playing with the big Boy.
Big Boy likes to play superman with Maxi at times...but good ol' Maxi is always up for a challenge.
Don't worry, Maxi was not hurt in any of the playtime...he just wriggle around most of the time if he doesn't like it.

Maxi: See people, I can stand!

Maxi: See, now I can fly too!! Give me a cape and I will be Superman (no underwear please, we cats  like to be all natural ...)

So, that's all folks for now. It's been a busy week for us cats. Lots of playtime.  Oh ya...I got a leash!
Mummy says the day on bathtime, I can walk outside with a leash. For weeks I have been planning my escape with no success :( Wait for me birdie, I am coming for you soon.

Furry-ly yours, Princess

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