Monday, 17 December 2012


Weekday musings from Princess. At first, it was just me. 
Then there is Maxi. Here he is as usual - sleeping - nothing else matters. 
He can sleep anywhere in the house.
Here peeking from a chair. He looked uncomfortable, but still sleeping.

Sleeping on anyone's lap. He doesn't care. He'll probably thinks your lap is a pillow.

Slowly waking up and opening his small little slit eyes.
You lose when in comes to eyes Maxi! You can't beat me :)
He's just all hairy, furry and bushy tail, but so lovable !!

Our feline space is getting crowded. We have another cat, but that's another post later. 
I have lots of stuff going through my head now. Why are they all here? We do have loads of kibbles and food aplenty...but still, is more good? I gotta think about all these stuff, life used to be just about kibbles but now seems not the priority.  My human family kept telling me they love me. That I am special because I was the first cat...but I have a feeling that is still not enough. 

Furry-ly yours, Princess :(

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