Tuesday, 25 December 2012


BLUE is the feeling I have nowadays.
Our feline brood has extended.
We have another new kitten to our existing 3. So, it's 4 now.
Kinda crowded actually. Mummy said that's it and no more. 4 is more than all our human family can handle.
4 X more food to feed, and 4 X more poop to clear.
So, I hope for everyone's sake, 4 is enough.
Baby Blue is the latest kitten. She's 3 months old and a British Shorthair.
A real firecracker who has this enormous amount of energy to play non-stop.
So far, the best 'fur-baller' at home. She's really, really good with the ball.  It's her, Maxi and Angel chasing the ball all over the house. A kitten with a huge appetite too! I don't know why they called her a Blue British Shorthair, because she looks anything but blue to me. More like gray. Or maybe a huge gray mouse :(
She fitted in super easy with everyone and plays with Angel most of the time. Our human kiddies like to compare us 'the oranges' against the 'blacks..or greys' because that's more like the colour of this British Shorthair...which a perpetual grin on her face !
After more than a week and the humans still have a problem naming her, so she's Baby Blue for now...but I am sure the name will change soon.

Here's Angel lounging on the chair. We are all getting used to her. Us Persians like to lie low and sleep under all cabinets, tables and chair. So, Angel came and broke all the rules. She sleeps on the bed, which was a huge no-no for the human family. She jumps on all counter, tables and chair. Even that Maxi guy started to move to higher ground. So after a weeks of unsuccessful training and re-training, the human family gave up and left her to be at her fav spot. The couch. Her being on the couch means 'patting time' and everyone can pat and stroke her. Otherwise, she will not let anyone cuddle or hold her.

Overall, we're good. All 4 of us. Playtime is always between Maxi and I, and the Blue and Angel are a pair.

Over the weekend, we got sent to a pet hotel. All of us are not happy. Confined space is not norm for us as we roam free the entire house. Being in a noisy environment especially with dogs are were also not fun, but human family had a trip out, so we had to go there for a night. However, one night felt like one, please don't send us anywhere anymore.

Mummy wonder if there is such thing as pet sitting.
If someone can come over and feed us would be perfect, then we do not need to leave our home.
Or, if there is such possibilities of exchange pet sitting? Where pet owners can work out some sort of schedule to send the pets to each other house for a day or two. Definitely beats the idea of staying in a pet hotel.

Finally, Maxi got sent to the groomers again in a short period. He got a much shorter cut.  Mummy said it's much easier to manage because, otherwise, he's this huge hairy beast roaming around in the house.

More pictures soon..
Princess :)

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