Thursday, 13 December 2012


Hello :) At the request of the human children, mummy had to upload more photos and do a new post. Mummy doesn't understand why the children want to read from a blog when they can see the cats everyday. Well, here goes our day.

Whenever the family are at home, we get to stay outside in the morning and evening (no sun please). So, here are a couple of shots of us.

Okay, I am not all happy caged up for some fresh air and sunshine. Here's me pleading to be let back home.

I tried to use my big dolefull eyes to muumy but no go, she's just happy snapping pictures.

It was refreshing though to be surrounded by lots of trees and flowers. I love to see and hear those birds chirping away....if only I could get hold of them....hmm, I still can dream right?

So, while I was enjoying the outdoors, guess what the big guy was doing? What he is in what he always does best! Sleep :)

Mummy put our outdoor home near the lotus pond so we can see the small fishes swimming. Yeah, I can see them alright...just can't reach them. Maybe one day, my paws will grow long enough :)

Ahhh...the new cat. Angel.
You do know by now we have a new addition to our feline home.
Angel is cosying up well with the family, especially no. 2, Miss EL, but not to both of us.
Angel is an American Shorthair who is this super active, super charged cat jumping from table to counter.  She does seems kind of smart but we two Persians are slowly (very slowly) adjusting to her.  As I wished for the Big guy, Max, she still didn't run away - yet or got sent away.

Finally, we all got sent to the Vet yesterday.
Everyone got de-wormed :((
Everyone got our shots updated :(((
I was not happy with Maxi. He was grinning all the way.
Angel was growling at the Vet herself but at home, she was fine.
Me? As usual, bathing and Vet aren't my favourite...I shy away from everything, food included. That's how much I dislike going to the Vet.

Miaoweee for now.
Furry-ly yours, Princess.

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