Monday, 3 December 2012


Okay folks. Today, we are going to talk a little bit about our human family.

Firstly, the facts first.

Both my human parents DO NOT like cats. They actually dislike us felines very much.

The story of us started very much with someone in the family who is crazy over cats. She loves cats so much that she sacrificed some of her school pocket money just to buy nugget for our other felines at her school. That is a humongous sacrifice considering how much she loves her food and eating, pretty much like us. 
One day, her father took her to a pet shop. The deal was she gets good grades and just maybe ( a big maybe), she may get a cat. They went there and there was this connection with me, Princess royal hehe! 
Before I could eat my next kibbles, I was swooped unto their arms, into the car and into my new home.  So, I guess I am grateful to be with them.  When they are at work or school, we have the entire house to roam freely, plenty of food (very, very important) and do whatever we want to at home.  

So, here's Maxi and her. That cat lover.  Once the rest saw me, they turned into a cat-lover convert. 
Even my daddy-human who hated cats all his lives was slowly getting into the hang that us felines are good for their home. I know because he feeds us every morning he cleans our litter tray. So, that's a huge progress from dislike to cat-lover converter :)  For the picture, let's call her Em. She's the reason why we have plenty of kibbles and wet food to eat. She's the reason why we are all here.

Ahh....of course, here's Mr Show-off. My enemy turn buddy.  We were hostile for a very short period and  when I finally understood he was not a doggie...we became furry pals. He is this big hairy, fluffy goofball and anyone can maul and tickle him any way you want. He doesn't long as some one pat him. :) My fur is growing darker and longer by the day. I had a brief tiff with ringworm when I was brought back but hey, I am ringworm free for good I hope. Bathing in medicated shampoo made my beautiful long hair drop off - a lot - and I am not happy at all.  For now, it's good. For now, we have nice smelling shampoo...but does not mean we like bathing okay.  Just that it's getting more acceptable by the weeks.  Water is our enemy -period- end of discussion!  

However..........I still have that bugging issue. A trip to the vet. A big no-no. Maybe the humans will forget it. Next to water, needles are another humongous no-no. 

By the way, we DON'T look like gremlins.  That's what our human uncle said. He needs a new set of glasses. 

Meowie (that's bye) for now. 
Furry-ly yours, Princess :)

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