Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Our human family sent us to the groomers.  Don't they know that we furry pals are very clean beings, unlike them human needing to bath daily.

Anyway, the human mummy bath us weekly.

Verdict: WE DON'T LIKE IT.

So, one day, they decided that the big guy - Maxi - needed some sort of grooming. I mean he is this huge hairy beast, but for some odd reason, I got thrown in as well. The instructions to the groomers were clear. Me, Princess Royal just need a normal bath (urghh...), but that Maxi beast need a FULL grooming. Clip his nails, trim all his under belly and inner thighs but keep his upper coat trimmed to a mimimum.

So, off we went nearby to this groomer.  They were quite gentle but I am still not liking any form of bath, but at least mine was a basic bath + groom.  So, here we are all back home.

Nails cut and paws are trimmed properly :)

I was really not in the mood for photography. I always stay in my cocoon whenever there is a bath and vet session. However, Maxi was all eager for photos and posing. Here is the big guy...enjoying all the attention as usual !

Nails & paws well trimmed. Tangles all gone! All prim and proper :)

Here is Max pose saying, "I am adorable and I know it"....always the attention seekeer..

Maxi even found a new place!

Me?  Please leave me alone. I hide away from them all, I hate bath and grooming etc...

Meowing out for now.....Princess

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