Monday, 26 November 2012


So, the new cage finally was set up for last weekend.

You know, we, as house cats have one ambition. That is to move outside our confined space.
Outside in that big bad world, full of fleas and ticks.
For once, we would like to have that sort of freedom.
From our doors, we often see and hear birds. See other stray felines wondering around, and we wondered if we would be let out one day.
Well, maybe to roam freely....not yet for now.
However, we are absolutely happy to be OUTSIDE finally. The cage is cool. 3 tiers with plenty of space.
We are enjoying fresh air (dont like sunlight and heat too much), but suddenly, the views are much better now. Birds, bees, fishes from pond and water containers, and butterflies fill our days with joy.

Here we are, outside, checking out the cage. So, one for Max and another for me. Yay, no more fighting over tight space!

Here's Maxi and I doing some poses. See, his fat butt is jutting out. Guess he has to to lose some weight. I mean he practically do nothing but sleep. We have the entire house to ourselves, and he has very little interest to roam anywhere with me, just snooze the whole day. No wonder his butt is growing by the day.

Maxi trying to give some cute pose to my human mummy. This is the only time I see him move...and he doesn't move a lot the whole day, just wag his tail all the time. He has to understand that wagging tail does not lose calories.

Till then...have a purr-fect week ahead.

Meow......from Princess :)

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