Tuesday, 20 November 2012

First post - Princess and Maxi

Welcome to our blog!

We are a pair of kittens, hence our names : Princess and Maxi.  Well, let's start with ME first. I am Princess. My humans' first kitten. I was brought home at the age of 2.5 months and I lived with my human family for some time. From day one, I always thought that I was human...or maybe those human were cats. I eat and sleep with them every night but when they are not around, I was lonely.  The first two weeks, I was caged up...didnt like one bit! Then I had to be vaccinated - urgh...a nightmare! I hated it and had to go for one more sessions. 

All was good and happy. I was 'the' Princess of the home. Doted upon all the time.

Then...something drastic happened.  

This guy came home :(((

My human family pondered over so many names. I mean, just call him a beast ..because he is huge and hairy, timid and a real scary cat! He hides most of the time and I don't like him from the first sight! So after a few sessions of names...they named him Maximillian. Come on? What a name...more ughh..
He is now called Maxi or Max.  Why does'nt he just run away from our home and leave me , the Princess alone.

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