Thursday, 27 December 2012

Mummy's musings

Mummy wasn't happy recently. Long story short, it's like this.

Happened to walk into a well known pet shop.
Interested in a special pedigree.
Was almost sold into buying and overpaying so much for a kitten.
Needed time to think about it and ended up not buying for now.
By a fluke chance, we went to the vet.
Met someone for the first time.
Few words exchanged and mummy realised the Queen who gave birth to the kittens was also at the vet.
What a coincidence.
So, the well known Pet shop/cattery didn't breed their own kittens, but do issue all the certificates.
After mating, the Queen goes home and give birth to the kittens.
Well, nothing wrong with that.
Then comes the shocking part.
The Queen was at the vet, being treated to a serious fungus infection.
Nothing wrong too, cats have fungus and its normal.
The Vet asked some question and surprise, surprise!
The Queen was never vaccinated before.
So, WOW moment there.
We --very--almost-- invested (that's what the owner told us), in a kitten.
Costing almost an arm or a leg.
And the kitten's mother not only had a serious fungus problem but had never been vaccinated.
Mummy asked owner why not sell direct to buyers and via pet shop?
Simple answer. The price get jacked up 4 - 5 times more.
So, it is down to money all the way.
Nothing wrong too.  However, shouldn't vaccine be the basic of all cats.
What more one who will give you 4 litters a year.
A year's worth of litters (by the price Mummy was asked to pay), will buy you a very nice car or even pay off a small apartment.

That's how lucrative this business is.

However, 4 litters mean having the Queen pregnant 8 to 9 months a year. Not much rest in between.

To buy a cat and love it is one thing.
To buy a cat to breed her selectively, controlling the number of litters and giving her a loving environment is another. Mummy is not opposed to this, as we then can share the beautiful kittens.
To buy a cat to breed her to the max and not care of her health is really stretching it far out.

So, choose your breeders wisely.  Check everything very thoroughly.
Well known is not necessary the right breeder or shop for you.
Don't allow yourself to be fall into the trap of 'investing' in this super expensive kittens and making the poor baby into kitten making machine.
If at anyone time, any of us do have a kitten, we would want to have them settled into wonderful families.
We would want to neuter and spay them, so one have a cat for the love of the cat and not make them have litters 4 times a year.
..hmm....maybe we will be spayed or neutered too..yikes :P

Furry-ly yours, Princess :)

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