Thursday, 6 December 2012


Let's talk about the ONE MOST IMPORTANT thing in this world to us.

Yes, it's CHOW TIME!

Nothing, and we do mean nothing is more important that this. We get it 3 times a day, 2 times are wet food (all time favourite!!!), and in between for lunchie is dry kibbles (humans not around).  In our household, food is top of our list. Numero Uno. Nothing else matters, not even the stray black Cat that is trying to visit me all the time. More important than me trying to get out too.  

We have a huge list of different can food. You name it, we got it. A mixture of many different brands, from tuna, salmon, chicken (not high on list, but desperado cannot choose much), venison from New Zealand (ooh lala...what a treat), surimi in broth, lamb & liver (new food, what a treat!!) and the list goes on and on! Our human mummy loves to give us a huge variety of canned food to try out.  It was a blast!! In fact, for a short moment, we were worried about competition. Our human brother (the youngest of the brood) is another food lover. He was looking over our canned food one day and it looked so good that he was tempted to try. Luckily for mummy, that was a big no-no.  He could have ate many cans of us, leaving us with kibbles only. 

So, yesterday night, we got a treat. Mummy bought fresh salmon and cooked it for us (well, not exactly fresh and there's no live salmon here), but this is as fresh as we can get and NOT out of a can :)

Yummo :P  See that wonderful pink flesh? We got it mixed up with some rice and surimi broth, and was eating the best meal ever. We know that the moment Mummy cook this salmon, we will get to eat it for at least 2 days as it quite a huge chunk of meat.  Mummy said we eat better than them...maybe we do. Afterall, cuteness do need a lot work for us. All those licking of fur is hard work. Sleeping is hard work too, I mean one has to find a good spot before one can doze off.

So, here's Princess saying goodbye for this weekend.  The humans have a long weekend and we will spend quality time together, more eating for us, maybe some new menus get thrown in.  

I do not really cosy up to people very much unlike Fatty (Max's other name and he has a long list of names, somehow all connected to his errr.. size?).  Sometimes, I am good and stay still for a photo, especially after a really full meal of salmon, can't move much after that.

Furry-ly yours, Princess...

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  1. wow! that salmon looks yummeh! ;)

    p/s: i buy the cat flap online, here the link