Thursday, 10 January 2013


 You know what?
We all eat pretty well at home.
Mummy loves to experiment with food, so we always get to try on new food.
While kibbles are pretty fixed in brands, and canned wet food are our fav.
However, Mummy said canned food can't be that good.
She's wrong. Canned food is VERY GOOD to us.

Anyway, we were introduced to some new food.
In the PINK.
Well, cats originally ate raw in the wild.
First up, fresh grounded chicken. Well, didn't quite went that well.
Than this! Raw grounded Australian lean beef.
Yummy!! It was gone in a flash.
Best food ever. It's the closest how cats eat anyway.

Then, we had some home made vegetable broth and Salmon.
All these got pureed and hey, these are human eat-able food.
Yep! We chow-ed it down in no time.
Best food ever too!!

We aren't guinea pigs for experiment but we don't mind at all when it comes to food!!
Mummy was reading all about Andi Brown's The Whole Pet Diet, about how human-grade food is good for us cats and how it cured many skin issues, so into the pot the poor chicken plus loads of vegetables went simmering for hours.

The only problem with 'human-grade' food is..........we got to share it with our two human sisters.
They insisted of having the half of the pot to themselves.
Sneaky, sneaky Mummy. Look at how she got us to eat veges.
Everything was blended and chicken shredded.

Here's what we had for breakfast lately! It was gone in a minute!!
More chicky vege soup please!!
We cats may sometimes bicker and wrestle, but we are all buddies when it comes to food!!

Finally, after a full meal, here's Maxi playing....the picture says it all.
Maxi says:  I like to play this rolling ball, but I like it better lying on my belly!!

Here's Baby saying goodbye for now. She's our British Shorthair, our last kitten (hopefully...).
She came as a scrawny little kitten.
We even pondered whether she is a British Shorthair at times.
She's a real eating machine.
Putting on weight nicely at a very short time.
Super friendly and likes to tag along the family.
Her cheeks are filling up well.

So, we wondered if she will grow up like this beautiful cat.
This is NOT our cat. It was taken at a recent cat show.
Maybe this is a Brit, as Brit has their famous chubby cheeks...

More pics on the Cat show soon.

Finally, it's Ciao time. Here's me enjoying my home-made salmon puree! Pure food-heaven!

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