Wednesday, 10 April 2013

More cats dilemma?

It's more than a week gone now and the chances of finding Angel seems to be fading away.
There is not one day we do not miss her.
Not one day we do not find her.
We wondered what happened to her.
She has been so close to us, so the chances of her just running away and leaving us seems impossible.
It's not easy for anyone to catch her too.
Maybe she had an accident :((
If she was captured by someone, we hope the new family will love her as we do.


We are down to 2 cats.
Our cats dilemma continued.
Baby...or now more frequently called, Pepi is growing up fast. Healthy and good.
She was supposed to be a British Shorthair. That's what the breeder said.
We do have our doubts - huge ones. While she looks like one, her fur is nowhere like one.
While the humans pondered over her breed, Pepi really could not care less.
As long as the food keeps coming, she seems very happy.

We have a new toy...more about that later.

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  1. It really does not matter what breed Pepi is, she is cute! And actually, unless there are papers to show lineage, most cats are no breed at all! It is very different from dogs, where breeding is more prevalent. Most kitties came from your classic domestic shorthair or longhair with no particular lineage - we are a more egalitarian species!