Wednesday, 24 April 2013

JACK, our Scottish fold

So, the family finally named the new cat, Jack. 
For a few days, he had no name. They had a huge problem figuring what to name him and settled with Jack.
Oh...the list of names that was offered was totally ridiculous, but Jack it is for our Fold.

No more cold reception for Jack.
After 3 days of starring competition, he is now well adapted into our home.
He plays (a lot), sleep and eat with us. 
He is like this super charged rocket with endless energy. However, he has a little sniffle and sneeze.
So, off they both went to the vet. Yep, Pepi and Jack!
Hooray for me, my shots are not due yet.  
Mom said they were really worried in their carrier and protested, but it's no point.
The shots were and medicine were delivered, with or without protest.
Above, you can see Pepi grooming Jack. She does a few times every day.
I think Pepi is the motherly cat among us. She likes to groom all of us. 
We don't mind actually.

So, here is Jack.
Happily settled down into our home.
He has this beautiful cream coat with a white-powdery looking face.


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